Why is E-Liquid and Vaping popular

Why is E-Liquid and Vaping popular

Tobacco smoking has been around for centuries, from pipes to 'rollies' there are many ways to consume tobacco and to obtain the nicotine hit. However, a new form of nicotine delivery system has been developed in the form of vaping. Vaping is the past time of heating an E-Liquid to create a vapor which is inhaled. This process is known as vaping.

The start of vaping

Vaping E-Liquids dates back to the 1960's. However, the concept didn't take off, and the idea quietly died until around the turn of the century in 2000. Developed by a pharmacist in China it took some years to reach our shores; it was in 2006 that E-Liquids and vaping products appeared on the shelves.

What makes Vaping popular?

Firstly Vaping and E-Liquids have been identified as a way to help people stop smoking. The adverse health effects of smoking are well documented and vaping is a convenient nicotine delivery method that removes the need for cigarettes. It also helps with the habitual nature of smoking, giving the user something to do with their hands.

In conjunction with the above, vaping is reported to have much fewer negative effects. Often users who do not wish to give up smoking but would like to pursue a smoking activity that does not deliver the all the additives found in cigarettes/ tobacco. It, therefore, becomes a viable option for existing smokers.

The wide range of flavours available for e liquids also makes it an attractive option for smokers. Over time, smokers can become 'used' to a flavour and do not notice the taste. E-Liquid's broad range of flavours provides users with variations. From strawberry pie to Virginia tobacco, there are more flavours of E-Liquid that you can imagine. This gives vapers a huge choice in developing and finding their niche within the vaping world.

At Bull Brand, we have our range of Hazy Dayz and Happy Days E-Liquids. Vaping enthusiasts around the UK enjoy our various flavours; with both Menthol and Peppermint being the most popular. If you've got any questions or need help, feel free to contact our team for advice.

As a final note, if you currently neither smoke or vape we would advise that you do not take up vaping E-Liquids.