Why We Ask For Reviews At Bull Brand Tobacco

Why We Ask For Reviews At Bull Brand Tobacco

The world of online shops is vast, here at Bull Brand we’re just one of many players selling smoking accessories directly to our customers. That’s why we have to ensure we stand out. Since the early 2000’s we’ve been doing our utmost to supply our customers with the best range of smoking products that are easy on the wallet. The range of products has increased over the years, starting with rolling papers and filter tips the range now encompasses, hand rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, E-Liquids, tubes and other unique smoking sundries. All these items are available to customers shopping within the UK.

Each month we ship over a thousand orders to customers, no matter on the spend each customer is important to us; we’re particularly proud that 67% of all customers are repeat, meaning they loyally shop with Bull Brand online each month. However, this leaves 33% of all customers each month being new to us.

Apart from perhaps seeing our products in physical stores, we have to prove to them that we’re able to not only deliver but also supply products they can enjoy using. Simply put that is why we ask for customers to review our range of products after a purchase. By doing this we can prove to new customers that we’re genuine and honest as well as our products meeting the quality they expect. Additionally, customers using products on a daily basis have interesting and different points of view that can offer insights to a first-time shopper.

It’s important to know that we never doctor these reviews, what you see is what our customers have genuinely submitted. To be completely transparent we do filter out any offensive language both positive and negative solely based on the language and not the content. The same approach is applied to our Facebook reviews, however, we’re able to respond to customers via Facebook directly and quickly with a view to thank them for the positive review or address any issues they have experienced.

With the above in mind we really appreciate every single review that lands on www.bullbrand.co.uk or on our Facebook page – it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to know that we’re doing a good job and when something goes wrong, it provides us with the opportunity to identify and fix any problems to ensure they don’t affect other customers. Bull Brand is a family run company, made up of real people working to do their best. From the lads in the warehouse to the management team everyone is a cog in making Bull Brand what it is. It may seem small but knowing how we’re doing from our customers helps us improve and realise that what we’re doing is right but also can always be improved. 

So next time you’ve ordered your E-Liquids, filter tips, papers or smoking tobacco online for fast UK delivery, make sure you give us a review. We want to hear your thoughts! Thanks for your custom and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.