Menthol Cigarettes Alternative

In May 2020, there was a ban on menthol cigarettes. This ban was applied to all flavoured ready-made cigarettes and flavoured hand-rolling tobacco in the UK; overnight, it became illegal to sell these products. It’s worth noting that pipe tobacco was not part of this ban and is still available for pipe smokers. This tobacco control is part of the UK government’s plan to make smoking less appealing to people; it is believed that menthol cigarettes and flavoured hand-rolling tobacco were used by people starting to smoke.

Menthol cigarettes are enjoyed by many of our customers; having smoked this type of cigarette for years, they are what these customers know and love. With this in mind, many customers are unhappy about the ban and tobacco control that the government is exerting.

However, we know that many of our customers like to smoke menthol cigarettes, whether hand-rolled cigarettes using flavoured tobacco or straights. For smokers who enjoy a menthol flavoured smoke, many products are available to help them add flavour to their pipe, cigarette or hand roll. At Bull Brand, we have compiled a collection of menthol cigarette alternatives to help our customers enjoy the type of smoke that they used to. The collection includes flavoured liquids that can be added to tobacco. Also available are flavour cards; these can be placed inside a pack of cigarettes. Capsule filters are another flavoured product for smokers who like to roll their own. These filters have a crushable capsule in the centre of the filter, that when crushed, releases a burst of menthol flavouring. When inhaled through a lit cigarette, the smoke is magically transformed into a menthol cigarette. As you’ll see from the menthol cigarette alternatives below, there’s a vast range of products to choose from, each specifically designed to add menthol flavour to a cigarette. We’re constantly enhancing this range, so keep checking back to watch out for the latest releases.

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