Everyone has a favourite tobacco, now you can pair Bull Brand filters and papers with our hand-selected range of tobaccos from the additive-free Manitou to the Bayside Virginia Blend there's something for everyone. 

We've got a small but perfectly formed range of rolling tobacco brands and tubing tobacco. For example, traditionally the shag pipe tobacco was smoked in pipes but because of the slower burning nature of this product and the cheaper cost, roll your own smokers sometimes select this product. On the opposite end of the spectrum, our Ashford Gold Virginia is specifically crafted for hand-rolled cigarettes, creating a smooth flavour which compliments any paper and filter combination.  With those two blends of tobacco and the other brands in our range, we're sure you'll find something which matches your tastes but doesn't empty your pocket. We've even got an additive-free tobacco in the form of Manitou. 

Need some help or advice whilst shopping? Don't worry we're here to help, drop us an email:, need help now? Call the office on 01535 654400, we're available between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.