Thank You for Verifying your age

Thank you for registering with us. Our team will verify your account, once verified you will receive an email to confirm this and you'll be able to shop with via your account. 

Age verification at Bull Brand

Bull Brand are taking extra steps to verify our customer's age before selling tobacco products to them. As you know, the legal age for purchasing and using tobacco is 18 in the UK. We’ve always taken extra care to enforce this where possible, however, we are now taking further steps to verify the age of customers. We understand that this is an additional step but a necessary one. We apologise for any inconvenience but please be assured this is to ensure that Bull Brand can continue bringing you the products you want at the prices you like. 

What are we doing?

We now require that all customers have an account with us following an age verification check. We will require you to create an account and provide a form of ID to verify your age. We accept driver's license, passports, proof of age cards or PASS cards. We only need to see your name and date of birth, any other information can be blurred out if you wish. 

Once submitted your account will need to be verified by our team, this will be done during office hours (8am-4pm Monday to Friday), once your account is verified you will get a message to say that you can now shop on Bull Brand. 

I'm having problems submitting my verification?

If you're having verification troubles please contact our team either via phone or email, please note office hours are 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.
Tel: 01535 654400 

What do we do with your data?

Once you’ve submitted your credentials for verification, our team will verify your account and the content submitted is then deleted. We do not share or use this data for anything else other than to verify your account.