Tobacco Tin (metal) Small

Tobacco Tin (metal) Small

Tins have been used for generations to store tobacco, we’ve always had a design or two in the Bull Brand range. However, with the advent of flexible plastic pouches, the tins began to lose their popularity, now with the plain packaging regulations taking hold on tobacco products we thought it was high time to bring the tin back, ridding you of those awful grey pouches.

Made from stamped steel and finished in matte black with our very own ‘beast’ embossed on the front, this stylish tin is perfect for keeping your tobacco fresh and ensuring the papers and filters all stay in one place. No more searching endlessly in pockets, down the side of the sofa or in bags for the bits 'n' pieces you need to make your smoke, they’ll always be right where you need them.

Please note the tobacco tin does not come with filters, tobacco or papers, each item is sold singularly.


95 x 55 x 25 mm



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