Accessories at Bull Brand

Accessories at Bull Brand

Here at Bull Brand we're well known for our hand rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, E-Liquids, filter tips and of course the famous Bull Brand rolling papers. Every month we, literally, sell truckloads of the above, it seems our customers love our range of core products. While this probably doesn't surprise you, we never thought we would sell the volume and variety of products that we do. One part of our portfolio of products that customers are increasingly purchasing is our range of accessories. These handy items have been included in our range to bring convenience or solutions to customers who have previously faced a problem.

While most of our products do fall into the entire category of smoking accessories we like to think of tobacco, papers, filters and E-Liquids as core products with items such as rolling machines, tobacco tins, hydro stones and tubing machines as our accessories. Over the years we've carefully added products to this category and even removed some. There's a balance to be struck. We see hundreds of products which we think would be a great addition to our site, however, we know not everything will work. We, therefore, have a set of parameters which we measure a product against to see if they sell. Over the years, this process hasn't steered us wrong, and we've now got a range of products we know our customers love.

With that in mind we have selected ours and your top 5 accessory products that are on the Bull Brand website:

5. Mascotte Hydrostone - coming it at number 5, it's clear to see why this is a big seller on our site. The Mascotte Hydrostone is a simple but extremely effective product; it is designed to keep tobacco hydrated by introducing moisture into the environment it's stored in. By soaking the stone in water for a couple of minutes, then placing it in the pouch or jar where tobacco is stored the hydrostone will keep the tobacco fresh like the moment it was first opened. If you make your own with a tubing machine, roll cigarettes or smoke a pipe, then we'd thoroughly recommend a hydrostone, and at only £1, it's undoubtedly worth a try. Buy yours here.

4. Bull Brand Tobacco Tin - we brought this handy little tin back from the annuals of Bull Brand history by popular demand. Another straightforward product, this lightweight steel tin is embossed with the Bull Brand logo with a matte black background. Tobacco tins used to be widely employed by smokers in times gone by. Rolling cigarettes and buying loose tobacco used to be more popular, but these convenient boxes lost favour as people moved to straight cigarettes. However, many still roll their own and judging by the number of the tobacco tins we still sell; they're hugely popular. Carry everything in one place with our tins, available here.

3. Bull Brand Metal Rolling Machine - designed for rolling 6mm cigarettes, the Bull Brand Metal Rolling Machine takes the hassle out of rolling your own. The metal construction with a Bull Brand branded blind is sturdy and robust. In typical Bull Brand fashion, it is excellent value at just £1.35 it is a traditional rolling machine which will keep you rollin'. Get your hands on a metal rolling machine!


2. Bull Brand Combi Roller - 6mm (Slim) or 5.3mm (Ultra Slim) cigarettes? The choice is yours with this little badger, a simple flick of a lever on the side of the machine enables you to adjust the diameter of your smoke. Effortless to use, durable plastic construction and a tight blind to ensure a consistent roll we're sure you'll love using this little device. We sell a lot of these rollers to our customers by coupling the convenience of the device and the stunning prices (£1.25) you can see why. Click here to see the product.



1. Bull Brand Plastic Rolling Machine - by a long shot this is the most popular accessory (by total sales volume) on the Bull Brand website. Rolling slim cigarettes (6mm), people love this product, check out the reviews! Easy to use and supplied with instructions customers use these to significant effect, saving them time and rolling perfect cigarettes we struggle to keep these in stock they're that popular. Get yours here.


If this has inspired you to take a look at our entire range of accessories, then click this handy link to view the full range. Unfortunately, you'll see we have lighters and lighter fluid on the site, we cannot sell these to customers because of shipping regulations.