Bull Brand Customer Service

Bull Brand Customer Service

It's safe to say that here at Bull Brand, we ship hundreds of thousands of products each month. We work both with customers like yourself and also supply some major UK retailers. However, every customer is important to us. Whether you're listed on the stock exchange or you're sat in your front room ordering some more rolling papers and rolling tobacco, we work to provide all our customers with the same level of service. 

Bull Brand is because of you

Chances are that if you're reading this, your an individual customer. Over the years we've built up our online shop to be something much bigger than we could ever have imagined. It's been a long road but a good one with many learnings. We've worked to bring our expertise in smoking accessories and tobacco to the world of eCommerce. Our online store dedicated team, work to process, pick and pack orders for customers ensuring the tobacco, rolling papers, E-Liquids, filters and other accessories ordered all reach their desired destinations as quickly as possible. 

Growing orders

Each month we process in the region of 800 unique orders from a customer base of 4,000 people. Some customers order regularly whilst some of you like to stock up and shop every couple of months. Our team doesn't just pick and pack, they regularly field questions and queries from customers. These range from questions around products to discussing order details, remember if you ever have a question that the team are available during office hours to help out where they can.  

We have hundreds of really positive reviews of both our products and service on the website (scroll down on product pages to view these). These are hard-won and we know we can't please everyone but we do our absolute best. So when you shop with Bull Brand, you know you're not just an order number, your a customer who we want to make happy. If you have any comments, questions or requirements get in touch: shop@bullbrand.co.uk.