Bull Brand - Smoking Accessory Central

Bull Brand - Smoking Accessory Central

In the long misty days of history Bull Brand started out as a simple smoking accessories brand. Much has changed since then, we now sell a wide range of E-Liquids, import unique hand rolling and pipe tobacco. One thing that has remained constant is our wide range of smoking accessories. Traditionally this took the form of just filter tips and rolling papers. We had a fairly tight range of products initially but as demand grew we it increased. We saw that our smoking customers wanted to buy products from a brand they trusted. Speaking directly to our customers we realised that they were struggling to find accessories such as tubes, rolling machines, hydrostones, good value pipes just to name a few items. 

With this information, we set about sourcing products we'd happily put our name to. Whilst we found some suppliers that could help produce the items for us, we also soon found out there were some market leaders that we shouldn't even begin to compete with. Luckily for us, these market leaders were our friends at Gizeh and Mascotte. Our long-standing relationship meant that we were soon able to start importing and stocking their fine smoking sundries. 

Over time the range grew and grew, to the point where Bull Brand are now one of the leading UK importers and distributors of smoking accessories. Whilst we're constantly on the lookout for the new product ideas, we know what sells and what our loyal customers like. If you're wondering what smoking accessories sell well, then here are our top five selling accessory products:

          1. Bull Brand Plastic Rolling Machine
          2. Bull Brand Combi Roller
          3. Bull Brand Regular Metal Rolling Machine
          4. Bull Brand Tobacco Tin
          5. Mascotte Hydrostone

The thing to notice about these products is that they're all time savers, designed to make customer's lives that little bit easier. It's safe to say that the fact that the top three positions are occupied by the rolling machines isn't a surprise. The Bull Brand rolling machines have been designed to be easy to use, effective and extremely easy on the wallet. One customer recently explained why he bought ten:

'I keep them all in key places, one at one, one at home, one in the caravan, one in the car and so on. Because they're such good value, it's easier to keep them in various places than carrying one with me all the time.' 

We'll never give up here at Bull Brand, every time we find something new that we think our customers will like, it gets added to the web store. however, with over 120 products it's easy to miss new things - so follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list to ensure you're the first to hear about exciting new releases.