Buy Pipe Tobacco Online From Bull Brand

Buy Pipe Tobacco Online From Bull Brand

It's no secret that you can buy tobacco from Bull Brand online and have it shipped to your front door. Since the mind 2000's we've had our direct to customer service operational, over the years things have evolved. Namely our range, our product portfolio has grown and grown from papers to tips the increase has meant great choice for our customer's and as the business has grown we've been able to offer these at a better price. 

Buy Pipe Tobacco Online

At Bull Brand one range we've greatly improved on over the years is our stock of tobacco options. We realised that it made sense to furnish our customers with the final element for their smoke. It also became clear that the popularity of traditional pipe tobacco was higher than we could have anticipated. While this surprised us we have gradually increased our range of pipe tobacco that is available to buy online, our range now boasts four separate products, all ready and waiting to be shipped to customers.

The Bull Brand Range of Pipe Tobaccos

Bayside Virginia Blend - The Bayside Virginia blend uses the finest Virginian tobacco, the best flue and cured tobacco is selected and the blend is created using traditional methods to ensure quality whilst producing a mellow and smooth taste. The Bayside comes in three pack sizes; 25g, 50g or 100g. 

Sioux Pipe Tobacco - is a reduced moisture volume pipe tobacco, that, like the famous Manitou tobacco it is also additive-free. With a bold native American logo you're certainly getting a bold flavour rich tobacco with a more rougher cut than hand rolling tobacco it is a 'shag' style tobacco. What is unusual about Sioux Tobacco, a bit like our Ashford tobacco (that's for tubing), it is also a volume tobacco. This means that the tobacco uses a special “volume-boosting technology”. The end result? You use less per smoke and get better value for your money.

Bayside Mixed Blend - Blended for pipe smokers, the Bayside Tobacco not only represents great value but this medium strength blend burns slowly, allowing you to enjoy your smoke. The resealable pouch is designed to keep the tobacco fresh, from the first smoke to the last. Available in 50g and 25g pouches.

Bayside Green (menthol)  - Representing great value for money the Bayside Green Tobacco is infused with a menthol flavour to compliment the rich depth of tobacco when smoked. Cut a little bit coarser than normal tobacco, it's ideal for pipe smokers. Available in the 25g pouch, it's easy to reseal keeping the tobacco fresh as possible, to further help keep the tobacco in great condition we recommend the Mascotte Hydrostone to gently add moisture to the atmosphere around the tobacco. 

So there you have it, if you smoke a pipe and want to buy the best value tobacco on the market then look no further than Bull Brand, best of all, if you stock up and spend £40 or more, shipping is free.