CBD Oil: Terpenes

CBD Oil: Terpenes

What on earth are Terpenes?

Within the hemp plant (which CBD is derived from), a series of compounds already exist, these naturally occurring hydrocarbons are called Terpenes, they make up the plant’s essential oils. These terpenes develop unique flavours, scents and colours which all are special and unique in their own way. For example, these aromatic compounds give herbs such as mint or basil their distinctive flavour and smell.

What do we do with Terpenes?

We harness these stunning flavours and scents found in Terpenes to add natural yet powerful flavours to CBD products, these provide exciting flavours and smell profiles which also help relax, stimulate and ease pain, they're even linked reduction in anxiety. Below we've listed the key Terpenes to demonstrate the different types and their effects. Whilst these Terpenes are more useful in oil droppers or edibles they are found in Bull Brand CBD products. 




The Myrcene terpene develops a blend of sour citrus, hops and mango scents, fresh and clean this terpene is linked with anti-inflammatory, pain relief, muscle relaxant and sedative properties.





As the name suggests the scent profile associated with Limonene is citrus fruits, specifically lemons, oranges, grapefruits and bergamot all present in this terpene. The physiological effects can work to ease anxiety, nausea, depression and it's reported that it can act on cancer cells.




Spicy, woody with a hint of cloves, Caryophyllene has real warming properties. Physiologically this terpene works as an anti-inflammatory as well as having anti-nausea and sedative properties.




Linalool has strong floral scents such as lavender, sage and even citrusy hops. This complex scent profile is linked to pain relief, anti-anxiety, sedative properties and even can help as an anticonvulsant.




A fresh, sharp pine forest is obvious to the nose on this terpene which is used to help focus the mind, retaining alertness and also be used as an anti-inflammatory.




Useful as a chest decongestant as well as a sedative and a memory enhancer, this minty cool and refreshing terpene will clear user's minds.




Refreshing but spicy with woodsy and rosemary scents the scent on this terpene is helpful in keeping people alert as well as being a memory enhancer. Additionally, it can be utilised as a sinus decongestant.




Physiologically Nerolidol works to relax users, the anti-anxiety properties can sedate users. To the nose the scent profile presents flowery and woodsy notes.


We hope you're a bit clearer now on what Terpenes are and the uses of individual compounds, it's an interesting world and we're just beginning to scratch the surface. If this has spiked your interest in CBD products then check out our E-Liquids here.