Chase the cloud with Bull Brand E-Liquids

For the last 13 years (yes we've really been around for that long), we've brought you the best smoking accessories and tobacco at prices we know you love. As with any industry the market evolves and we've been closely involved in the rise of e-cigarettes and the E-Liquids. For a few years we've supplied you with the Bull Brand E-Liquids, but as Bob Dylan said, 'times are a' changin'.  We now have two ranges for your enjoyment, both developed by our E-Liquid experts.

Why two ranges you ask?
Happy Days have now replaced our original Bull Brand E-Liquids designed for the smaller (less powerful) pipes. We've retained the same great flavours and best of all the price hasn't changed.

Hazy Dayz is our new Sub-Ohm Liquids. Specifically designed (and produced) right here in the UK for the larger Sub-Ohm pipes. We have 5 unique flavours, with some flavours having different strength versions available (3mg and 6mg)

So what are you waiting for? Try the Happy Days and Hazy Dayz E-Liquids today.

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