Cheap Tobacco Available At Bull Brand

Cheap Tobacco Available At Bull Brand

With over 10% of the UK population considered to be adult smokers, there’s bound to be an array of preferred methods. From cigarettes to pipe tobacco and DIY rolling pouches, you’ll find them all within our online store. In this blog, we explore the cost of different tobacco products, discuss why you might choose one over the other, and offer a little insight into us as a brand.


Discover our cheap hand rolling tobacco

Popular for its practicality, hand rolling tobacco is often sold in accessible pouches and tins, and offers smokers a level of flexibility and efficiency not possible with pre-rolled packets. However, it is also favoured for its cheap price tag and excellent value for money.

What is the price of rolling tobacco in the UK?

Hand rolling tobacco comes with a heavy government enforced duty attached to it (currently, as of March 2020, £7.60 per 30g pouch), which often sees price increases. However, while all tobacconists are obliged to pass on the high levies to their customers, we always deliver great quality at the lowest possible price.

As with any product, the price of rolling tobacco varies between brands. Roughly speaking, though, a 30g pouch will cost a smoker between £12-17 and will make around fifty cigarettes.

At Bull Brand, we stock a broad range of favourites, designed to satisfy all budgets, with world renowned products from Japan Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco all included in our stock. Examples include, but aren’t limited to:

  • American Spirit – Competitively priced at £16.20 and brought to you in a handy 30g pouch, choose American Spirit Yellow for a light smoke.
  • Amsterdamer – Famed for its Latin and Asian flavours, Amsterdamer Original is available in practical 30g pouches. It’ll only set you back £11.75, too.
  • Old Holborn – From one of Japan Tobacco’s many subsidiaries, Old Holborn Original and Holborn Yellow are both available in 50g pouches, for just £26.00 and £20.00 respectively.


Explore great value pipe tobacco available at Bull Brand

Despite still being behind cigarettes in terms of mainstream usage, pipe smoking is still a popular method of tobacco consumption in the UK.

Along with its charming aesthetic and rich blend, smokers might also be tempted to switch to pipe tobacco for the much cheaper rate per pouch. Whether you favour Bayside, St. Bruno, or Gold Block, we take pride in bringing you only the best pipe tobacco to enjoy.

Why is pipe tobacco cheaper than hand rolling tobacco

Put simply, the difference in price between hand rolling and pipe tobacco comes down to tax. The former is penalised almost twice as heavily, in fact!

There are a series of differences between the two, whether it be in appearance or smoke, but it’s their differences in make-up that sets them apart in duty terms. While cigarette tobacco is created using a complicated blend of ingredients, pipe tobacco is created according to a generally less complicated recipe.


Buying cigarettes through Bull Brand

Factory rolled cigarettes have always been a popular choice within the smoking community. With ease-of-use and uniform rolling, you’re guaranteed a consistent smoke with each packet. While cigarettes come with a fairly hefty excise, we continue to deliver great value for our customers.

Why might a smoker choose cigarettes over rolling tobacco?

It’s no secret that cigarettes are priced a little more expensively than rolling pouches, but you’re paying for the convenience of a ready-made packet rather than fiddling with papers and tobacco.

Additionally, many smokers often don’t have the time to roll their own cigarettes during the day. From taking a quick break at work to stopping for a cigarette during a long car journey, plenty choose functionality and practicality over savings.

How much is a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK?

Cigarettes in the UK are generally retailed around the £10 mark, which is largely made up of tobacco tax. At Bull Brand, we understand and appreciate that each smoker has their preferences, though. So, whether it’s a specific brand, strength, or size you like, we stock a wide cigarette selection designed to cater for an array of consumers. Explore our broad range of popular cigarettes, with favourites including Carlton, Sterling, and Embassy.


At Bull Brand, we’ve cultivated an in depth understanding and knowledge of the very best tobacco products on the market, and take great delight in bringing you our collection. Browse our full range, or discover even more about buying cheap tobacco from us.