How To Buy Cheap Tobacco In The UK

How To Buy Cheap Tobacco In The UK

As smokers we all have our favourite tobacco product, and, with nearly 7 million adult smokers in the UK, it’s bound to be a varied selection. So, it’s only natural that you don’t want to be paying over the odds, either – no matter where your preferences lie.

In this blog, we break down the cost of your tobacco, explore the great value found at the click of a button, and offer a brief introduction into us as a brand.

The cost of tobacco explained

There’s no getting away from it; tobacco is often the subject of price increases. This is as a result of excise duty, which is essentially a tax imposed by the government at the point of manufacture. In the case of tobacco, it is also in addition to the standard 20% VAT rate.

This rising tax on tobacco purchases is often a way for the government to generate revenue for the exchequer as well as reduce demand overall. With such heavy levies on tobacco products, it’s near impossible for producers and stockists to sell for less than they already do.

How much tax am I paying on my tobacco?

The duty (tax) owed on tobacco is varied across the entire product spectrum, so the percentage of the price you pay that’s taxed is dependent on what you buy. Because of this, there can sometimes be a little confusion around just how much of the overall cost goes towards suppliers and how much is due to mandated taxation.

For example, currently, as of March 2020, the duty on hand rolling tobacco is charged at £253.33 per kilogram. In consumer terms, this equates to £7.60 per 30g pouch. The tobacco tax is passed along each link of the supply chain, from manufacturer to retailer to buyer.

To offer a little more insight into the full story of how your tobacco products are taxed, we’ve outlined the most up-to-date duty rates:

  • Cigarettes - Excise tax is 16.5% of the retail price plus £4.75 per packet of 20.
  • Cigars - Excise tax is £2.96 per 10g in weight.
  • Pipe tobacco - Excise tax is £3.90 per 30g pouch of tobacco.

As you can clearly see, the tax attributed to each of the products we sell is completely different. This helps to explain why you might notice a price difference between two tobacco items that could be considered similar. We aim to keep our prices as low as they currently are, but any future increases are dictated by new legislation rather than driven by profiteering.

Why is pipe tobacco cheaper than hand rolling tobacco?

In understanding the differences in taxation rates between tobacco products, you may have also noticed that pipe tobacco attracts a considerably lower excise levy than rolling tobacco. The latter is penalised almost twice as heavily, in fact!

While there are a handful of obvious differences between the two, in terms of appearance and smoke, it’s their make-up that sets them apart in tax terms. Where cigarettes and rolling tobacco are created using a complex blend of ingredients, pipe tobacco is generally a less complicated composition.

Where to buy cheap tobacco?

While the demand for cheap hand rolling tobacco has always been evident, there hasn’t always been the broad competitive market we see today, with retailers fighting to keep prices as low as possible. In fact, before Bull Brand was founded just under twenty years ago, consumers generally had few options but to buy from their local convenience stores or tobacconist and fall foul of wide price ranges.

Since the turn of the century, though, we at Bull Brand have helped lead the way in turning the tide and offering buyers vastly improved availability and accessibility of products through online channels. Because we deal in ecommerce rather than in-store, we can share the overhead savings with our customer base. This has been the catalyst for competition amongst stockists, who now must not only cater for a broader clientele but, with price comparison becoming increasingly immediate, offer economical prices across the board.

This is the very ethos that’s paved the way for us at Bull Brand to offer quality tobacco at competitive prices, just as we were all those years ago when we set up.


Cheap tobacco available at Bull Brand?        

One of the greatest benefits of shopping with Bull Brand is the wide array of choice and availability of tobacco and cigarette products we have on offer. Whether it’s rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, or cigarettes, the chances are we have just what you’re looking for.

From our own range of rolling products to the world renowned Japan Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco brands – including, but not limited to Lambert and Butler, JPS, Benson and Hedges, and Mayfair - we stock all the favourites at a great price.

What is the best cheap rolling tobacco?

It’s a difficult science identifying the best cheap tobacco, since each person’s taste is different. What does best mean, anyway? Does it mean best quality? Best price? Best value?

Since starting in 2004, we at Bull Brand have been passionate about bringing the finest products from around the world to our UK customer base – never settling for anything but excellence. So, whatever your definition of ‘best’ is, we stock it. Some popular cheap tobacco products in our range include:

  • Old Holborn - From Richard Lloyd and Sons, a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco, we bring you Old Holborn Original and Old Holborn Yellow. Both available in 50g pouches, they’re priced at just £26 and £20 respectively.
  • American Spirit - We offer American Spirit Yellow in practical and accessible 30g pouches, with the light tobacco competitively priced at just £16.20.
  • Amsterdamer - Amsterdamer Virginia tobacco, available from us in 30g pouches, is famed for its Latin and Asian blends. Priced at only £11.75, this really is a great value rolling tobacco.
  • Ashford - With both Ashford Gold pouches and Ashford Original tins to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. Each weigh in at 50g and are priced at £19.45 and £20.35 respectively.
  • Sterling - Our Sterling tobacco range includes 30g and 50g pouches, offering flexibility depending on your usage habits. With 30g pouches priced at £12.20 and 50g pouches at £20.00, you’re getting a great deal on either.

What is the best cheap tobacco products?

With our mission to bring the finest tobacco we are also aware that our customers want great value, this is why we have taken care to provide a range of tobacco products that are cheap but don’t compromise on quality. Here are a selection of some of our best cheap products in our range:

  • Sauvage Additive Free Pipe Tobacco – Sauvage Pipe Tobacco comes in a 25g pouch, is additive free and priced at only £6.68. 
  • Elixyr Hollow Filter Cigarettes  New to the UK, these Elixyr cigarettes are available for a special price for a limited time, it has a new novel variant with a hollow filter which can allow you to customise your smoke or smoke as it is, available In a pack of 20 for £9.18. 
  • Chesterfield Red Superkings 20s Cigarettes – Chesterfield Cigarettes comes in a packet of 20, and is made using quality tobacco, you're getting great value at only £9.25.
  • American Spirit Yellow Cigarettes 20 Pack – The American Spirit Yellow Cigarettes are made using natural tobacco, and it comes in a pack of 20, priced at just £11.85. 
  • Pall Mall Shift 20s Cigarettes – Made in America and around for well over 100 years, you know you're getting a good deal with these Pall Mall Cigarettes priced at only £9.30.


Why should you shop with Bull Brand?

While we might spend our days working alongside leading tobacconists and experts in the field, we are, at our core, a family run business from Yorkshire. We understand why nurturing good relationships, either side of our supply chain, is pivotal for great business, and appreciate what it means to discover a cracking deal on tobacco. This is why we work hard with suppliers to keep costs down, and pass the savings onto you.

On top of stocking fantastic tobacco, all hand-chosen by our well-travelled team, there are also a host of further benefits to joining us as a regular customer. As well as developing fantastic relationships with our suppliers, we’re equally accessible to our customers. Expect an open-door style arrangement if you have any questions, concerns, or queries about the products on site – even if you’re just looking for recommendations or something new!

Additionally, take advantage of free delivery on all orders over £60, as well as a guaranteed tracked shipping within the week (or for just £4.50, you can choose first class 2-3-day delivery).


At Bull Brand, we’re delighted to be considered premier suppliers of a wide range of tobacco and cigarette products, and take immense pride in the reputation we’ve earned. Over the years, we’ve cultivated an in depth understanding of our product base and look forward to passing on our expertise in the form of fantastic tobacco at a great price.

If you’re new to us, welcome! If you’re a returning customer, we look forward to delivering your next order. In the meantime, explore our full range of tobacco products or discover the latest on our blog.