Cut Corner Rolling Papers. The Classic Green Paper From Bull Brand

Cut Corner Rolling Papers. The Classic Green Paper From Bull Brand

They sell by the truckload, Bull Brand customers love the trusty green paper. For the unitciated the paper in question isn't actually coloured green, it's just the booklet that is coloured green. The green colour is an industry signifier to the customer as to the contents of the pack. A bit like red in the crisp world refers to ready salted crisps, customers immediately know what the product inside is. 

The popularity of the paper is down to a few factors, firstly it has cut corners something many customers look for. Secondly, the papers are a good all-rounder, at 18.5 gsm the paperweight provides a robust but light paper that is strong enough to take the rigours of daily life whilst being light enough to be easily smoked and not go out when not being smoked. Coming in the standard size, the green papers are available in almost any smoking accessories retailer. From single booklets to full 50 piece boxes, customers are provided with a world of choice when purchasing the product. And because it's one of the most common papers, it is also one of the best value. Buy yourself a booklet of Bull Brand Green papers and it will set you back a whopping 14p. This single booklet will provide you with enough papers for up to 50 smokes, all you need to do is throw in some tobacco and a filter tip and you're off. 

Why do green papers have cut corners?

We're not one-hundred percent clear exactly why cut corners are a thing but we have a good idea, the reason being that green cut corners papers are nothing new. Ultimately we know that the addition of a cut corner makes rolling a cigarette easier for the user, the chamfered edge allows the actual rolling/tucking in of the paper a much smoother process. 

It is believed that with the advent of rolling papers in the mid-1800's that the cut corner was used to signpost to users that were blind which end of the paper had gum applied to it. This enabled them to quickly find the right edge, lick and roll without needing another person to help them create their smoke. Whether or not this is true is up for debate, however, it is a simple and smart way of identifying which edge to lick with the added bonus that it makes rolling that bit easier. 

For those without any issues relating to sight, the cut corner also has the benefit that in low light conditions, for example, stood outside a pub on a dark night, it can be helpful in helping roll without making mistakes and wasting lots of papers. 

It appears there's a lot more to the humble green paper than upon first glance. Here at Bull Brand we've stacked them high and always have stock to ensure we can supply our loyal customers with their favourite smoking accessory. If you're ready to stock up, click here to order yours.