E-Liquids PG and VG: What is it?

E-Liquids PG and VG: What is it?

What is the PG and VG values in E-Liquid is a question we get asked here at Bull Brand. As with many new-fangled things, E-Liquids can be confusing. Terminology is thrown around, and to a newcomer, it can be a minefield leading to people purchasing the wrong products.

Simply put PG and VG are the core ingredients that make up an E-Liquid. Other ingredients found in an E-Liquid include nicotine and flavour concentrate. You'll see a blend or ratio of these ingredients which causes the E-Liquids to perform differently.


What actually is VG and PG?

VG stands for vegetable glycerin which is an odorless, clear liquid created from plant oils such as soy, coconut and palm oil. Often found in cosmetic products, foods, and tincture. A high-pressure process is applied to the vegetable oils to create a distillate of vegetable glycerin which is used in E-Liquids.

An increased VG content will produce a bigger vapour cloud when vaped. It also controls the amount of 'throat-hit' that the user receives when vaped, the more VG, the less of a hit that will be experienced.

PG stands for propylene glycol is a creamy colourless clear liquid which is found in many food products. It is the carrier liquid in E-Liquid that contains the flavour profile and nicotine in the product.


E-Liquid is like a 'juice cordial'

The best way to think about E-Liquids is that they are like a fruit cordial. When you see a ratio, say 70% VG and 30%PG, this simply relates to the ratio of E-Liquid in the product. However, because the PG is the carrier of the other components the ratio isn't exactly 70/30. It's likely the PG will make up a smaller amount because within the 30% you must consider that there will be nicotine and flavourings in the PG ratio.

To get a stronger flavour and nicotine the make of the PG ratio needs to have higher ratios of components. Just like a fruit cordial, by using more you get a fuller flavour, a weaker flavour is achieved by reducing the amount. Often producers will reduce the concentration of flavourings to reduce costs. To meet price points they lower the flavour percentage to around 8% of the PG value, whereas at Bull Brand our E-Liquid flavours constitute 24% of the PG value to deliver a fuller flavour.

At Bull Brand, we've invested time and money into our E-Liquid products. We use the finest ingredients from certified premium producers. We've brought production in-house, our automated production line which blends and bottles our E-liquids is sited in a purpose-built clean room. All this investment allows you to rest assured that Bull Brand E-Liquids are of the highest quality at a price you'll love. Ready to vape?