Gizeh Smoking Accessories: Making Moments For 100 Years

Bull Brand is well-known for the extensive range of rolling papers, filter tips and tobacco, all available to buy online in the UK or via our retail partners. As well as stocking our own lines, branded as Bull Brand, we also have several other brands, and these include GIZEH

Adding their unique take on smoking accessories, Gizeh have been a partner we have worked closely with for many years. Like our other partners, Von Eicken, who produce tobacco, Gizeh is based in Germany and are also celebrating a milestone this year. Whilst not quite as old as Von Eicken, Gizeh are marking their 100th anniversary in 2020.


A long history and a nation's favourite

Established in 1920, Gizeh has risen to be the market leader in smoking accessories in Germany and one of the world's biggest producers of papers and filter tips. This hasn't happened by accident; GIZEH's focus on quality and innovation has established this position over 100 years.  


The roaring twenties was a fast-paced period, with hopes for the future following on from the darkness of the Great War and with new cultural arts breaking through, it was a time of excitement. Hand-rolled cigarettes were a sign of these modern times, sleek and convenient, unlike the pipes that had dominated smoking pre-war. Roll your own was the new way to smoke, picked up and enjoyed by thousands of smokers. 

Why Gizeh?


Gizeh (or Giza), in Egypt, was at the centre of the German mindset, the romance of the Nile and ancient history of the Egyptian nation captured the imagination of many Germans. Large numbers of German artists and explorers travelled to the this far off land, inspiring dreamers, including one of the founders of the GIZEH brand. The Great Sphinx of Giza (or Gizeh) exuded a special magic to these visitors; summing up the optimism, romance and hope for the future. This symbolic icon quickly became the brand mark for GIZEH when it was founded in Cologne, Germany, in 1920. Over the last hundred years, the company has grown and defied external influences to continue to be one of the biggest smoking accessory brands in the world. 


The entire group is made up of 550 employees, spread across seven sites. Many employees have developed their entire career at GIZEH, Christian Hinz, Managing Director, GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH, acknowledges: "The GIZEH brand stands for moments of pleasure. Our team is passionate about constantly redefining those special moments for our customers." 


This commitment has seen GIZEH consistently develop exciting and innovative smoking products. Having always been known for an extensive range of rolling papers, Gizeh has evolved their offering to include filter tips, tubes and a broad range of smoking accessories. 


A range of options


GIZEH have always listened to the market, by understanding the evolution of smoker's preferences GIZEH has ensured they've been able to cater to customer's needs as they emerge. For example, GIZEH was one of the first to market with rolling papers in different thicknesses. Currently, GIZEH papers are available in four different thicknesses, in various size formats utilising a variety of materials. This range of options allows users to roll their own "defining moment". To complement the papers, an extensive range of filters are available in various diameters, lengths and types. It doesn't stop with roll your own; the make your own market is well catered for by GIZEH. An extensive range of tubes is available with varying combinations of tube length and filter options. 

Gizeh is available to buy online at Bull Brand


If you've been living under a rock or are new to Bull Brand, you might not be aware that we stock the most comprehensive range of GIZEH products available. We've known for a long time that GIZEH is a brand that any smoking accessory retailer must-have. Customers value the high quality and the stylish design of the products that have 100 years of expertise behind them. 


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