Hand Rolling Essentials: What you need

Hand Rolling Essentials: What you need

Our customers smoke Roll Your Own cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Firstly, smoking tobacco in this way is cheaper than purchasing straight cigarettes. Secondly and more importantly, the level of personalisation is huge. Rollie smokers can pick everything to meet their preferences from the type of tobacco, burn rate and thickness of the paper as well as the type of filter tip. Filter tips come in a variety of sizes, materials and even flavours. Some even have a menthol capsule embedded in the filter tip given then smoker the choice to have a menthol flavour or not.

With this level of personalisation hand rolling smokers all carry different items in their day to day carry. Ultimately what we've realised is that the difference stems from smokers ability to prep as well as their general day to day activities. 

Commonly, most rollers will carry their tobacco - often in the pouch, the tobacco came in. These pouches tend to be plastic covered and do a good job of keeping the tobacco moist and ready to smoke to a point. However, carrying all the tobacco (which might last a week) seems unnecessary. With that in mind, some decant their chosen tobacco into a tobacco tin or small leather smoking pouch. With this approach, you'll find smokers will carry filters and papers. We've found the most convenient way to carry filters is to use popper tips, these cellophane wrapped tips are kept clean and tidy, the cellophane allows them to be easily popped out when the user needs them. If your filter of choice isn't available in popper tips, then you'll be forced to carry the tips loose. Therefore combining the tips and the tobacco in a tobacco tin makes great sense. 

Now we get onto the papers, most rolling papers (unless you're going to use King Size) are easy to store as they come in neatly folded cardboard containers. Slim and light they don't really get in the way. Additionally, the packaging keeps the papers in tip top conditions. We'd always recommend keeping papers in the packaging until you need them. Throw in a Bull Brand lighter and you're good to get rolling your own smokes. 

The other option for carrying your smokes is to pre-make them. This requires a little bit of pre-planning and preparation, by sitting on an evening and rolling your smokes for the next day you can save some time and your fingers (in these colder months). Bear in mind that the cigarettes will need to be stored in a tin or box to keep them safe from damage. The only downside (apart from the time required upfront) is that chances are you won't have the tobacco, papers and filters you need if you smoke all your pre-made rollies and fancy another. 

Ultimately rolling your own cigarettes gives you endless opportunities to personalise your smoke. How you carry your gear is up to you, you've got to find out what works for your lifestyle and prefered way of smoking. So there's no harm in trialling different methods, the Bull Brand tin is perfect (and cheap) starting point to making your life easier. Whatever way you smoke, it keeps pre-rolled cigarettes safe whilst for on-demand rollers it allows you to keep everything in one place.