How To Roll a Cigarette Like a Pro

How To Roll a Cigarette Like a Pro

I remember when I rolled my first cigarette, and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty. It took a lot of practice to master the game but as long as you have the right equipment then it can be quite simple and of course practice makes perfect! Naturally everybody has different tastes and preferences when it comes to smoking, but in order to get you rolling like a boss, we’ve kept this article straight to the point, over time you’ll find your favourite products and ways of rolling. 

Firstly, how to roll a cigarette. Choose a rolling paper of your choice, the Bull Brand Green Cut Corner rolling papers are a very good place to start as they are of medium weight and the cut corners help with rolling, additionally the Arabic gum strip helps stick the paper easily together. You don’t want a paper too thin or thick to start with as they can be very slightly harder to roll with and also a thicker paper will impart more flavour on the smoke. With a single paper in hand, lay it out on a flat surface with the sticky side facing upwards. 

You then want to choose a filter tip. You need to decide how thick you want your rollie to be, if you don’t know then we would highly recommend using extra slim. This is a perfect size, creating a cigarette that contains enough tobacco but is not so wide that it will be difficult to roll. A firm favourite of our customers is the Bull Brand Extra Sim Pop-out filter tips, the tips are cellophane wrapped and pre-cut, making them convenient to use. The careful manufacture of these tips allow the right amount of draw when smoking a cigarette and are easy to grip when rolling your cigarette. Now with your filter chosen and ready to go, get ready to insert it onto the paper. If you are right-handed, you will most likely want to put the filter on the right-hand side of the paper with the end of the tip inline with the end of the paper (the opposite is true if you are a lefty), though this also all comes down to preference. 

After this you want to fill your paper with a tobacco of your choice. Here at Bull Brand we offer a range of tobacco. From Ashford Volume Tobacco to Manitou Additive Free Rolling Tobacco. Personally, the Amsterdamer hand-rolling tobacco is up there with the best and is very easy to roll with, no wonder it’s one of our biggest sellers. It has a smooth taste with a mild aroma and light natural sweetness making for a pleasant smoke. Pinch the amount of tobacco you think you’ll need and place an even amount of tobacco from the filter tip to the end of the rolling paper. Make sure the tobacco is evenly distributed and there are no clumps. 

Pick up the open cigarette by allowing the paper to make a U shape around the tobacco, essentially cradling the tip and tobacco in the paper, ensure you pick it up around the filter and the far end of the cigarette. Whilst keeping your fingers gripped (gently) around the filter begin to roll the cigarette between your thumbs and middle fingers, slowly starting to shape the cigarette, carefully compress the tobacco into a cylindrical shape, working your way up and down the cigarette with the hand not on the filter. 

Once you have moulded the tobacco into the right shape, pull your thumbs downward to align the edge of the paper with the top of the tobacco. Then tuck the edge of the paper into the tobacco crease, apply more pressure with your thumbs, and roll your middle fingers upward. Roll the cigarette until only the adhesive end of the paper remains. Then you want to lick all the way along the edge of the paper to make the gum sticky. When the adhesive is wet, roll the rest of the paper until no edge remains. 

It’s then ready for you to spark up and enjoy your smoke!!