Introducing Pre-Rolled Papers: Kiff Cones

Introducing Pre-Rolled Papers: Kiff Cones


Fed up of having the faff of rolling your own? Want an easier option? Well we have it for you in the form of Kiff Cones. These are pre-rolled papers or cones (which ever you prefer to call them) that combine a rolled paper with a paper filter tip. The paper tip allows you to smoke the rollie right up to the filter without setting a traditional foam filter alight! 

The cones paper is designed to burn slowly ensuring you get to enjoy you entire smoke at your own pace. In-fact these will go out when not being smoked. 

Kiff Cones the inspiration

The inspiration for these cones come from our friends in the Netherlands, whilst they often use this type of product for recreational use with marijuana, also known as cannabis, weed, ganja or puff to make a joint or spliff. We saw these and felt they would work really well in the UK for traditional tobacco smokers who find rolling their own smoke a hassle but don't want to spend the extra money on straights. 

We saw how in the cafes of Amsterdam how the users would take the marijuana and drop it down the open end of the cone, in a matter of seconds they would have their smoke lit and would be good to go. To help we've added a small plastic tube to help get an even fill of tobacco through the cone. 

Will marijuana be legalised?

Whilst this product on is intended for use with tobacco it has made us think about the legalities of marijuana in the UK. We expect that it will be legalised in the UK within a number of years, much in the same way as it has been in many US states. Not only will it help with government tax collection but it will also decriminalise the substance thus reducing the stress on policing freeing the authorities up to tackle more serious crime. Additionally the method of production and supply will be administered ensuring a better quality of product hitting the shops. The magazine The Week recently created this good pro's and con's article which weighs up the options for legalisation in the UK. Also the UK Business insider drew some comparisons between the negative effects of marijuana and alcohol. Interestingly it looks like alcohol came off worse!