Introducing the Bull Brand Duo Pack

Introducing the Bull Brand Duo Pack

At Bull Brand we work hard to create products that fit into our customer's lives, we know that you shouldn't pay the earth for your smoking accessories because it's not as if it's already expensive or anything...

All our effort goes into delivering the best rolling papers, filter tips and tobacco at prices you love. However, it's not just price we focus on, also convenience is a big deal for us too. Over the years we have looked at creating multi-packs, easy opens and handy popper tips. One of our more recent innovations is the Duo Pack. The Duo Pack is a really simple but effective concept. 

The Duo Pack contain three packs of our Green Cut Corner papers. That equates to 150 leaves of our best selling rolling papers. Made using the finest medium weight papers that are easy to roll with (aided by the cut corners) and burn at a steady rate, they allow the user to enjoy their smoke. We even use natural Arabic gum to help you bond the rollie together with a simple lick!

The second component of the Bull Brand Duo Pack are the popper filter tips. Like the standard Bull Brand popper filter tips, these unwrapped tips are the perfect partners to go with the Green Rolling Papers. Being unwrapped, they grip the papers a little better than a standard paper wrapped filter, essentially they're not as slippy. 150 filter tips are included to give you the exact match with the papers, so you can create 150 of your own personalised smokes. 

We combine the rolling papers and the filter tips into one handy pack, the same size as a traditional 20 pack of cigarettes. All you need to do is add your favourite tobacco and you're good to go. And...back to the price, at just £1, we think this a great bargain for our customers. So convenience and price, what's not to like!