Make Your Own Cigarettes

Make Your Own Cigarettes

Here at Bull Brand, we stock a huge range of tobacco, papers, filter tips as well as other smoking accessories. However, many of our customer's don't realise that we also stock 'make your own' components, from the volume tobacco through to a variety of tubes giving customers the flexibility to create their own perfect straight style smoke which as a bonus is more cost-effective than off the shelf cigs. 

What is Make Your Own?

Just like hand rolling, make your own is the process of creating your own cigarette that looks just like a traditional straight from a pack of Marlboroughs, Silk Cut or any other off the shelf ready to smoke cigarette brand. Whilst the make your own cigarettes look similar, the similarities stop there. By choosing to make your own, customers can pick different tobacco types to fill their smokes with, depending on preference, by varying the quantity of tobacco the burn rates of the smoke can also be varied. Tobacco is 'injected' into what is called a tube, the tube is essentially just that. A pre-rolled tube of smoking paper attached to a wrapped filter. Tubes can be sourced in different sizes as well as different lengths. A wider tube allows more tobacco to be fitted into a standard length cigarette whilst a short tube provides users with a quicker more convenient smoke. As referenced, attached to a tube is a filter. Filters visually can be plain or cork wrapped giving them the distinctive light brown end. Additionally, filters can contain activated charcoal or flavours such as menthol to jazz up the users smoke. 

How do you make a Make Your Own?

With hand rolling once you have all the constituent parts of your cigarette you're good to get going. However, with make your own the very nature of the tubes means that really they need to be made ahead of time to ensure they don't get crushed. While you can make one by hand, the results are never that good so we would always recommend using a filling machine. Companies such as Mascotte or Gizeh make a variety of machines at good prices which all do an outstanding job, some just are quicker to use or are more flexible in terms of the size of tube you can employ.

More often than not, the tubing machine requires you to charge it with tobacco, usually by opening a little hatch. Then the empty tube is slid onto a guide rod. The tubing machine is drawn or pulled over the empty tube which forces the tobacco neatly into the tube. Reverse the action and a ready to smoke cigarette pops out. It's quick, convenient and simple to create smokes that look like and perform like off the shelf cigarettes. Obviously, you could carry all the equipment around with you but that feels like a bit of a hassle so most customers make a batch and pop them into a Bull Brand Tin with a lighter meaning they're all set for the day. 

If you're fed up of paying a fortune for the standard off the shelf packs, why not give 'make your own' a roll. We've got everything you need at Bull Brand! Find out more here.