Manitou additive free tobacco

Some of you may think that tobacco is tobacco, however there are countless blends, cuts and flavours available. By coupling a certain tobacco with a specific filter tip and paper you get a different smoke compared to if you used different papers and filter tips. 

It's naturally up to you to find what works best for you, but getting back to the topic of tobacco there's one particular brand we'd like to highlight. If you haven't guessed by the title, we're all about Manitou additive free tobacco today. 

Manitou has nothing added to it; no chemicals, synthetic flavours or preservatives. It comprises of the finest Virginia tobacco sourced from the prime growing locations around the world. Some tobaccos are made from reconstituted tobacco sheets (effectively the off cuts) or are processed with the stem, however to bring you only the best quality rolling tobacco Manitou use only raw tobacco leaf in their product. Each pouch we stock is 30g, enough to keep you rolling but not too big a pack that the tobacco goes stale and dry. However we would alway recommend placing a hydrostone in with your tobacco, this cheap and handy item keeps tobacco moisturised ensuring the last smoke is as fresh as the first one. Click here to find out more about the hydrostone.



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