Manitou Virginia Green Tobacco (Manitou Organic)

Manitou Virginia Green Tobacco (Manitou Organic)

At Bull Brand we like to think we listen to our customers. Through email, social media and over the dog and bone we're regularly getting direct feedback from the Bull Brand massive. One thing we know is that you guys like the Manitou additive-free tobacco which we stock, we literally sell it by the truckload. One thing has become clear is that many of you like the Manitou 'Organic' variety often available on continental Europe. We've lost count of the number of requests we've had for this tobacco.

Introducing Manitou Virginia Green Tobacco

Based on these calls, we'll be stocking the Manitou 'Organic' tobacco, due to legal requirements we can't label it as organic, therefore in the UK the Manitou 'Organic' will be known as Manitou Virginia Green. Beyond a different name on the packaging, there will be no difference in the product.

What Does Manitou Virginia Green Tobacco

Manitou Organic / Virginia Green has nothing added during the production process, this includes even whilst it is being grown, no pesticides or other chemical treatments are used in the cultivation of the tobacco plant meaning you know that you're smoking just pure tobacco. The Manitou tobacco, when opened, has a light fresh smell of tea, this transfers to a rich earthy smooth flavour when ignited. The tobacco has a consistent burn on the slower side of things so you get time to enjoy your smoke.

If you enjoy our existing Manitou tobacco we're sure you'll love this new addition to our range. Ready to give it a whirl? Try here.