Pipe Tobacco Brands in the UK

Pipe Tobacco Brands in the UK

As a leading company in the UK smoking industry, we have deep knowledge of all things tobacco. From cigarette tobacco to filter tobacco, as well as tins and pouches of tobacco blends from across the world, we understand tobacco like no other company in the UK.

In today’s article, we’ll share our knowledge for those who don’t like to roll their own tobacco or smoke a cigarette, but prefer the pipe tobacco experience. We’ll explore the different pipe tobaccos available, where to buy a pipe, the different blend options for pipe tobaccos, and how to choose your perfect pipe tobacco aroma.

We’ll also direct you to some images of the pipe tobacco options in stock at Bull Brand, and discuss hand rolling tobacco, cigarette options, and more.

Let’s start with a common question about pipe tobacco, and one that’s difficult to answer.


What is the best pipe tobacco brand?

What probably isn’t a surprise, because everybody’s taste is different, is that there’s no real, definitive answer to this question. Some people like sweet tastes with their pipe tobacco, others like a deeper blend with less aromatic notes, some like their pipe tobacco in pouches, others swear by tins. At the end of the day, it’s all about preference, and it’s no surprise that it all depends on your tastes when deciding on the best tobacco brand for pipes.

Inevitably, your wish list of ingredients, aromatics, opting for tins or pouches, and flavours is probably very different to the next person, and where you come from. People from Germany for example will have different tastes to people from France, and people from each corner of the UK will have different tastes to one another when it comes to pipe tobaccos.

To browse our stock of pipe or hand rolling tobacco, visit this link. And to enquire about our stock or the different blend options available, get in touch here.


What is the strongest pipe tobacco?

When talking about strength, we're considering flavour profile rather than any other feature of the tobacco. For those who like to smoke a strong taste in their pipe, there are a range of pipe tobaccos that deliver a punchier flavour.

One of the stronger flavoured pipe tobaccos available to the UK market is Sioux Pipe Tobacco, which offers something a powerful and impressive taste, and some customers even reference a hint of sweetness. A mixture of flavours combine to create a deep aroma and blend, and this is perfect for those looking to enjoy a strong pipe tobacco blend.

Visit the Sioux Pipe Tobacco product page to find your perfect stronger mixture and aroma, but don’t be expecting vanilla cream or cherry room notes this blend. As it’s not how they roll over at Sioux. However, if you do want a bit of cherry in your life, however, then Kendal Gold (No. 11 Cherry Menthol) Pipe Tobacco might be for you.

To find out more about the other pipe tobaccos we have in stock, visit our pipe tobaccos website page. You can also find our hand rolling tobacco and cigarette products at our home page.

Please note, you need an account to purchase tobacco or anything else from our website, additionally you do need to be over the age of 18.



What is the best-selling pipe tobacco?

Pipe tobacco is a little less popular than hand rolling tobacco, but there are still some pretty impressive sales figures from pipe tobacco enthusiasts at Bull Brand.

Condor pipe tobacco is an incredibly popular brand in the UK, thanks to its beautiful aromatic mixture that appeals to a wider cross-section of the pipe smoking community. We have three Condor options available at Bull Brand, two rubbed and one long cut, both of which you can view here. However, please note that when we say aromatic, we aren’t talking about fruity, vanilla, or anything overly sweet. With Condor, we mean a fairly strong but still relatively aromatic flavour that pipe smokers love, which is why it’s so popular in the UK and across the world.

As well as pipe tobacco, we also have lots of rolling tobacco options available online, and you can filter through our products to find the one that suits you. Whether it’s more aromatic, cherry room notes or something stronger, we have the perfect pipe tobacco product to suit every preference.


The best pipes for pipe tobacco.

There are a mixture of aspects to consider when looking for the best pipe for pipe tobacco smoking, and it’s a different beast than a cigarette or hand rolling tobacco. No matter where you stand on the different blends, aromatics, or smoking preference, we stock a range of pipes online.

With delivery available across the UK and pipe options to suit everyone, we’re sure you’ll find what you need with Bull Brand, whether it’s the Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum, Bull Brand Classic Pipe, Medium Well Bent Pipe, or anything else we have available. 

To join us at Bull Brand you'll need to create an age verified account with us, it's quick and easy to do. Once complete you can shop securely online and know that with our Yorkshire based warehouse, we'll be able to ship orders to your quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is select your pipe or other smoking products, add it to your basket, and we’ll do the rest. So, if you’re looking for the perfect pipe to add to your basket, head over to the Bull Brand pipe page today.




Popular pipe tobacco products with Bull Brand

We stock every category of tobacco available online, from pipe tobacco to hand rolling tobacco, even cigars and cigarette options. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular pipe tobaccos available online with Bull Brand.

St Bruno is a very popular pipe tobacco brand, and particularly prominent in England. You van visit our dedicated St Bruno product page and choose from three options to enjoy the many benefits this popular pipe smoking option, or to simply view images of this brand in all its glory.

Another one of the more popular pipe tobaccos is Sauvage, which offers a milder taste compared to other tobacco products we stock. It’s also additive-free for those conscious of that kind of thing. You can buy Sauvage at this link, which is in stock at Bull Brand in pouches rather than tins.

Then, there’s Peterson, which you can buy in 50g, traditional tins from the Bull Brand website. With flavours from Early Morning to Night Cap, Connoisseurs Choice, Irish Mixture and more, Peterson is one of the most popular brands for good reason.

To find out more about the many pipe tobacco products we stock at Bull Brand, visit this link. You can also filter through or browse our range of hand rolling tobacco options here if you aren’t quite ready to make the transition over to the pipe.

With various weight classes and pouches and tins available, you’re truly spoilt for choice when you choose Bull Brand.


Other smoking accessories for UK customers.

As well as pipe tobacco, we also stock a range of rolling tobacco and smoking supplies at Bull Brand, from filters from the best filter brands to cigarettes and tobaccos from the leading companies trading in the UK. 

With delivery across the UK, see what we have in stock by visiting the Bull Brand home page today. But remember, you can’t confirm any purchases if you’re under the age of 18, and we will therefore ask you to confirm your age during your account set up. This applies to filters, pipe tobaccos, or anything from on our webshop.


Buy today with Bull Brand.

To filter through or browse our range of pipe tobaccos or rolling tobacco products, visit the Bull Brand site today. With the best options and your favourite pipe tobacco brand available to buy anywhere in the UK, we sell whatever you need when it comes to pipe tobacco, with tobacco options available in pouches and tins.

We also stock a range of other tobacco products, from hand rolling tobacco to pipes and pipe accessories, cigarettes, and essentially, all the smoking supplies you could ever need. In addition to this, we stock filters and nicotine patches and products, and customers don’t need an account to sample our smoking supplies.


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As a leading tobacco company, we’ve been trading for many years and know all about the smoking industry. For more information about the smoking supplies we have in stock, from tins of pipe tobacco to pouches of hand rolling tobacco, contact our team today at our dedicated website page.

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