The Ban: Alluve Green Cigarettes

The Ban: Alluve Green Cigarettes


Alluvé Green in stock and the Ban

Recently we updated customers on the impending ban on menthol cigarettes, this will impact our ever-popular Alluvé Green Cigarettes, we have experienced high demand from customers who are stocking up before the ban. The increase in demand has quickly emptied our previously well-stocked shelves! With the ban just days away, at the time of writing, we have a last-minute shipment arriving on Thursday 14th May (2020) to provide stock for those customers still wishing to purchase Alluvé Green Cigarettes. Alluvé Green will be available for you to purchase right up until the 20th May ban.


New Burton Cigarillo's Menthol and Berry Menthol have arrived!

We have been listening to customer feedback and requests, this has led us to increase the range of tobacco products available to buy on our website. In recent weeks we have launched a range of new tobacco products that include well-known brands such as Amber Leaf, Hamlet, Sterling, Condor, Mayfair, Sovereign as well as Benson and Hedges cigarettes. Additionally, you may have already noticed that we have now added two new cigarillo products to our range.


Introducing Burton Crushball filtered cigarillos, these are available in packs of 10 cigarillos priced at £4.50 per pack. Each cigarillo is wrapped in a natural leaf and is filled with cigarette tobacco. Another unique feature is the Crushball in the filter when crushed this releases a burst of flavour; the Crushball technology gives the user the power to choose if they have a flavoured smoke. The Burton Crushball filtered cigarillos are available in two variants; the Burton Blue Crushball contains a menthol flavour capsule, and Burton Purple Crushball contains a blueberry menthol flavour capsule. Burton is not just new to Bull Brand, it's an entirely new concept to the UK market. Interestingly these cigarillos are exempt from the upcoming ban on flavoured cigarettes (coming into force on the 20th May), with their unique features we think that many previous Alluvé Green smokers will enjoy this exciting new product.