The Best Rolling Papers To Buy Online In The UK

The Best Rolling Papers To Buy Online In The UK

Here at Bull Brand, we have quite the range of rolling papers, we’re pretty sure we’ve got a solution no matter on your preference! All our rolling papers are available online on the Bull Brand website, ready for shipping directly to your home. All our products are carefully made to fit your needs, whether that’s size, flavour or thickness. We offer not only Bull Brand papers, but we hand pick our favourite products from Gizeh and Mascotte, which are two of top-rated brands. Whether it’s Bull Brand, Mascotte or Gizeh, all represent superb value.


We will obviously start with our most popular best seller, the Green Cut Corner rolling papers from the Bull Brand herd. These are produced with the finest medium weight paper available, this ensures you get a steady and even burn. They are super easy to roll with whether that’s using the Bull Brand rolling machine or using your hands. Each book contains 50 papers and are sold at 14p each but what’s the point in buying just one book! A box with 25 booklets is only £3.25, and a box of 50 booklets costs only £6!


Another very popular rolling paper is our Bull Brand Cut Corner Pink rolling papers. These are made from 100% hemp fibres with Arabic gum to give you a perfect roll every time. These papers are naturally slow burning so you can enjoy every moment. These are available in a 4 pack for £1 with 50 papers in each booklet. Also, they’re pink!


 For those that fancy some flavour with their smoke we also offer Bull Brand Liquorice rolling papers. These are available in a 4 pack for only £1. They are of medium weight to provide the perfect burn rate, not too slow and not too fast. The flavour really helps to compliment the smoke to give you just that little bump of extra character.


 We also offer two types of king-sized rolling papers. These include the King Size Slim Pure papers which are available in a pack of 3 for £1. These are 100% organic unbleached hemp rolling papers that allow a slower burn which helps you to enjoy your smoke for longer. Each booklet contains 33 papers. Alongside the Bull Brand Silver King Size Slim rolling papers which again is available in a 3 pack for £1. These are lightweight papers keep all the focus on the tobacco rather than the burn.


 Alongside all the Bull Brand papers we offer (of which there are more you can check on the website) we also host other brands that offer a wide range of rolling papers such as Gizeh.


 Gizeh’s most popular products are the Super Fine Extra Slim 66 rolling papers. These are made for people who love smoking slender cigarettes. The fine papers ensure there is no extra overlap. These Gizeh papers are almost transparent, allowing you to taste the full tobacco flavour. These are sold for 23p per packet or £11 for a box of 50.


 Another top seller for the Gizeh is the King Size Duo Slim Pure. These contain 33 hemp rolling papers and 33 ready to roll paper tips. The paper tips allow you to roll as thick or as thin as you would like. This contains everything you will need in one! These extra fine papers are certified organic. These sell for only £1 per packet.


 All our products are available on the Bull Brand website, and we ship to the UK and Europe for only £3.25. And remember, if you want to just test the products without having to buy in bulk, then you can purchase single packets for an insanely low price. Check all our products out today.