The Bull Brand Guide: Roll your own

A skill once mastered and never forgotten; rolling a cigarette can be tricky to pick up and then perfect but when you have it there's no stopping you. We're often asked what are our top tips, so with that in mind we've created the guide on how to roll your own.

Select your paper (Bull Brand Green Papers are really popular), fold it in half length ways to create a gentle crease to hold tobacco. Take some tobacco and place it down the length of the paper making sure you leave a little room at one end for the addition of the filter. In the space you've left at one end place your filter. Make sure your filter is suitable for the paper. For example don't try and pair a standard filter tip with an extra slim paper). Place the end of the filter flush with the end of the paper and have the other end of the filter touching tobacco. 

Take the unrolled cigarette and hold either end between your thumb and forefinger, then bring it up to your mouth to apply some moisture to the gum strip. Gently lick the strip of gum and begin to roll the cigarette between your thumb and forefinger until you've rolled the perfect rollie.

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