The Bull Brand Guide to Filter Tips

 We’re not asking a silly question here, we all know what they do and why we use them but last week on our Facebook page we had several questions, one of these queries was concerning whether they were bio-degradable (standard tips aren’t for the record so make sure you dispose of them properly). This got us thinking, this everyday object is probably something our customers know nothing about, lets shine some light on the good old filter tip. What is a filter tip made of? Most tips are made from cellulose acetate fibre which is a bleached cotton bound together with an acid. However some are made from activated charcoal, hemp fibres, rolled up paper and some even are flavoured with menthol. In the good old days some filter tips were made of phenol-formaldehyde resins and even asbestos, that can’t be good. Thankfully we have never make tips with asbestos, but what we have started to make is our organic hemp papers, more on that later.

What’s with the different sizes? As you’ll have spotted there’s lots of different sizes of filter tips. The standard is 8mm, which is what you’ll see, incorporated in most packet pre-rolled cigarettes. However for rolling your own these can be a bit tricky so most people like to use a slimmer filter. Ultra slim at 5.3mm is one of the most popular, easy to roll and a tobacco saver (because you use less tobacco to roll a cigarette) it has become a firm favourite with customers over the years as prices and taxes have increased. From standard 8mm down to micro at 4.6mm we have all the sizes of filter tips you could possibly want.

 Is there anything organic? Well yes, we’ve been working hard here at Bull Brand H.Q to innovate our range. With an increase in recycling and general awareness of being green we now have our range of organic hemp filter tips. Made from certified organic hemp fibres these tips do the same great job as our standard filter tips but quickly degrade when left out to decompose – we still ask for you to responsibly dispose of them as we don’t want you to get fined for littering!

Once you’ve chosen your filter tips, make sure to browse the range of Bull Brand, Mascotte and Gizeh papers to help you create the perfect smoke. But don’t stop there, our specially designed range of tobacco and accessories are the ideal partner for your filters and papers. Make sure you keep on rollin’ with Bull Brand.Bull Brand Filter tips

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