Tobacco at Bull Brand. Von Eicken's 250th Birthday

Tobacco at Bull Brand. Von Eicken's 250th Birthday

This year, our partner Joh. Wilh. Von Eicken GmbH is celebrating their 250th anniversary. Given that Von Eicken has been a close partner of Bull Brand for many years, we thought that our customers might enjoy reading more about this historic company.

Where it all started

Von Eicken is one of the 50 oldest family-owned and owner-operated companies remaining in Germany today and has been active in the tobacco business right from the beginning. The Von Eicken story begins in 1770 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, when 21-year-old Johann Wilhelm von Eicken founded a trading company mainly dealing with tobacco, coal and other goods.

Johann Wilhem von Eicken

Bounding from success to success, by the time of the industrial revolution, the Von Eicken company had experienced rapid growth, being situated in Germany's industrial heartland proved helpful in facilitating trade.

In 1846, Von Eicken decided to leave the coal trade, some twenty years later, in 1866, owner Carl Heinrich von Eicken decided to solely focus on the production of tobacco products, specifically pipe and hand-rolling tobacco. With hindsight, this specialisation proved to be a good move. Towards the end of the 1800's the company decided to capitalise on the growing demand for tobacco products both domestically and abroad by moving to a purpose-built factory in Hamburg.

Surviving two world wars, Von Eicken remained at the Hamburg factory until 1982 when the production and head offices were moved to Lübeck to allow further expansion, innovation and importantly ensure the continued quality of their products. Since then, the company has expanded its capabilities by purchasing specialised cigar and cigarette producers within Germany. These moves have allowed Von Eicken to guarantee quality and supply of a wide range of tobacco products to customers in an ever-changing market place.

Old Von Eicken tobacco packaging
Von Eicken and Bull Brand Tobacco Products

In the UK, Bull Brand is a key importer of Von Eicken products, brands that are familiar to many UK smokers include Bayside pipe tobaccos, Ashford hand-rolling tobaccos, Sioux pipe tobacco and the recently released Burton cigarillos. Additionally, from Von Eicken, Bull Brand also offers customers the Manitou hand-rolling tobaccos. Manitou Gold tobacco is an additive-free option whilst the Manitou Green is an organic tobacco. Many customers enjoy the Alluvé super slim cigarettes, which are also a Von Eicken product.

For many year's Bull Brand has imported Von Eicken's products, developing a healthy relationship; the care and passion that goes into the production of their tobacco lines ensures Bull Brand and our customers can rely on Von Eicken. With over two centuries of heritage growing, importing and production of tobacco products, Von Eicken is a world-leading company to partner with. The fact that the company has survived economic turmoil, wars, revolutions and increased restrictions on their market place to grow from a regional trading business to a globally recognised brand all bodes well for the future.

Marc von Eicken

Still owned and managed by the Von Eicken family, now into the eighth generation, the family looks back with immense pride but also forward with great excitement and passion. "We would like to thank our loyal customers for the trust that you have placed in us over the years", says Marc von Eicken, managing director. "Without you, we would not be where we are today. We are proud of and thankful for the achievements of the past 250 years. We will continue to strive for high-quality products to be enjoyed by consumers worldwide."

At Bull Brand, we're proud to be working with a company that not only has a rich history and a product range unmatched but one that continues to look to the future and is prepared to work so closely with us. Lee O'Donovan, Bull Brand Managing Director, "Von Eicken products are integral to our range of smoking tobacco; their commitment to quality and reliability was particularly evident during the Covid-19 pandemic as they ensured supply for our UK customers. We look forward to continuing to work together, delivering products that our customers enjoy."

We hope this little bit of background demonstrates Bull Brand's commitment to bringing you the best possible products at a price you'll love, our relationship with Von Eicken over the years has made all this possible.