Up hill and down hill

On the 30th April the Tour de Yorkshire will stream past our front door once again, attracting local and global interest the cycling race has captured the imagination of millions. Across the UK riders old and young, have clipped on their helmets, pulled on their shorts and started pedalling. 

Whilst we do like to get out occasionally on our bikes, we can honestly say we're not as committed as those lads and lasses who make up the peloton and race round the dales in a bid to win the Tour de Yorkshire title. We're more into rolling a cheeky smoke, we sometimes even like to use rolling machine to take the hassle out of it! Anyway the friendly folks over at the Tour de Yorkshire have created a list of fun and useless facts which you might enjoy, you can bore your mates at the pub with them or ignite conversation on that special first date. Click here to read up on them.

Also if you're out and about lining the streets watching the tour, we've just released a new Duo Pack, this consists of 150 slim filter tips and 150 green papers all in one handy sized packaged. At £1 per pack you'll love these as much as we do, all you need to do is add some tobacco and off you go. Throw in one of our metal rolling machines and you'll be able to roll cracking smokes with the best filter tips and papers on the market.