We're sorry but we've had to put up postage. Find out why.

We're sorry but we've had to put up postage. Find out why.

After 15 years of supplying tobacco, rolling papers, filter tips, E-Liquids and other smoking accessories directly to customers through the post, we've been forced to put our delivery charge up. We're really sorry to have to do this, however, the consistent rises from the Royal Mail have meant that the current charge was unsustainable.

No matter on the size of the package we've always charged £2.50, which we've always thought is a great deal for our customers. As prices have risen we have absorbed the cost here at Bull Brand in order to freeze the price, meaning we've actually always made a loss on each package we send. When you consider we have roughly 800 orders per month, the postage costs soon add up. 

Our margins are not big; it's a competitive marketplace, to remain viable we've had to raise our standard postage costs to £3.25. To provide the best value for our customers we're still subsidising postage, rest assured we pay more than £3.25 to the Royal Mail. 

We do still offer free delivery at the £45 spend level, with an average order value hovering not far from this point, we suspect many of our customers will benefit from the free delivery offer. 

It's been a tricky decision here at Bull Brand, we like to offer value to our customers and consistently work hard to do this and provide high levels of service. We feel we've done well to stave off the rise for the last number of years but unfortunately, the time had arrived for us to make the step. 

We hope you understand, it was taken to ensure we could continue to supply products and a service to our loyal customers. We wanted to let you know as soon as possible to limit any surprises by explaining in detail why we've taken these steps. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via email or on social media.