Rolling your own tobacco

What Are The Benefits of Rolling Your Own Tobacco?

Welcome to the Bull Brand blog, where we discuss everything that you need to know about the tobacco and smoking industry. From the very best tobacco products available to advice about the different tobacco companies out there, we’ve covered a lot over the years to help our customers around the country.

In this article, we’ll be looking specifically at rolling tobacco and if there are any reasons to roll your own cigarettes instead of choosing pre-made commercial cigarettes.

We’ll discuss the motivations to choose loose tobacco over factory made cigarettes, help if you’re looking to quit any sort of product and choose something else, and why, if you smoke cigarettes, it might be worth moving to roll up cigarettes in 2022.

Is it healthier to roll your own cigarette?

We all know that smoking is not a healthy pastime so the ultimate answer is no. During the production of commercially produced cigarettes and some hand rolled tobacco, there are chemicals added. Some hand rolling tobaccos are produced as additive free; for example Manitou tobacco.

What are the benefits of rolling your own cigarettes?

Health benefits aren’t exactly in abundance with any form of smoking, but if you’re struggling to quit smoking or stop smoking, then your choice of smoke is important. It’s common to find less tobacco in a hand rolled smoke when compared to a full-sized cigarette for starters. Additionally the act of rolling a cigarette to smoke is time consuming and whilst you can easily customise your cigarette, different filter types or blends of tobacco for example, the lack of convenience when it comes to lighting up may just help you cut down.  

Rolling Tobacco

Why you should roll your own cigarettes

If you roll your own cigarettes using cigarette papers and tobacco from Bull Brand, you’ll reap a range of benefits compared to smokers who go for standard cigarettes.

As mentioned earlier, you are able to build your smoke from the ground up. At Bull Brand, we have a huge range of rolling papers from our own extensive range to well-known brands such as Gizeh, Mascotte and RAW. Papers are only part of the package. The next thing to consider is the type of filter to use, again the choice at Bull Brand is vast. From non-wrapped tips (these are easier to roll with), to Ultra Slim and even flavoured filters you’ll be sure to find a tip that meets your preferences.

Finally, there’s the centre piece to consider, tobacco, every roll your own smoker has a preference based on flavour profile, burn rate and even price. The good news is that when shopping with Bull Brand for tobacco you have one of the most expansive ranges to choose from, all at the best prices. When it comes to using tobacco in a rollie, you will find that you use less per smoke, so you’re likely to save some money when compared to smoking commercially produced smokes.

Loose tobacco and more with Bull Brand

We have all kinds of rolling tobacco online to choose from, with something to suit everyone.

Want to create your own Ryo cigarette? We have what you need for Ryo cigarettes in the form of Kensitas Club Ryo cigarette rolling tobacco, which comes in 50g boxes. But it’s not just Ryo tobacco for the perfect Ryo cigarette, we also stock every major brand from Turner to Amber Leaf, Cutters Choice, JPS, and many, many more, as well as a massive range of products and accessories for smokers around the UK.

So, whether it’s Ryo cigarettes, anything you need for roll ups, a new rolling machine, or even regular cigarettes, we have you covered with all that you’d ever need for the perfect smoking experience. From smokers who prefer a traditional smoke to those who prefer a vape smoke and everyone in between, we have something for everyone and can help you today.

Even if you’ve found yourself looking to quit cigarettes and move on to vapes or rollies, we’ve got your back.

Buy with Bull Brand

We haven’t covered even half of what we have available online in today’s blog, so browse our hand tobacco online and view everything else we have in stock at our online smokers shop. From Ryo cigarettes rolling paper to all the leading brands, we have everything you need for the perfect smoking experience. Find your new favourite rolling tobacco today with Bull Brand.

Please note, however, that young people are not able to purchase from Bull Brand, and you must be at least 18 years of age to browse our website and prove your age to become a verified customer. If you’re looking to quit smoking or want information on quitting cigarettes, contact your local GP for advice and benefits of quitting.