What Roll Your Own Cigarette Brands Are Available?

What Roll Your Own Cigarette Brands Are Available?

The world of Roll Your Own, or 'RYO' to aficionados, is full of brands, some dating back nearly 100 years. Ask the average man on the street and names such as Rizla or Golden Virginia will be thrown about but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, Roll Your Own is all about choice and finding the products that suit your needs and that's where brands like Bull Brand come in. 

We started off with a single mission, bring the best smoking accessories to our customers at the best possible price. Initially, a small range was launched but over the years it has grown. Our customers love the wide range of quality products within the brand range that they can personalise their smoke.

It's not just Bull Brand we stock!

We like to think we have every need covered within the Bull Brand range. We saw that some of our European cousins were doing great things. It's no surprise, but you'll recognise some of these brand names Gizeh and Mascotte, for years we have imported and been the key distributor in the UK for these well-known smoking brands. Unlike Bull Brand, these folks don't have a full range of smoking accessories (for example tobacco or a classic pipe). We work closely with Gizeh and Mascotte to select the products that the British smoker will enjoy. 

Available on BullBrand.co.uk: Mascotte 

Mascotte has to be one of the oldest smoking brands in the world. Dating back to 1858 in Eindhoven in the Netherlands the company was formed as a cigar and cigarette producer. From the start Mascotte has been a leader, producing quality filter tips, rolling papers and other accessories. Still based in Eindhoven, Mascotte and Bull Brand work closely together to deliver high-quality products direct to their customers. Our stand out product would be the Mascotte Hydrostone, this is the perfect accessory to hydrate tobacco, introducing the perfect amount of moisture into tobacco.

Available on Bull Brand: Gizeh

Founded all the way back in 1920 in Cologne, Germany, Gizeh now forms one of the worlds largest three smoking accessories producers. Known around the world for the quality of their products, Gizeh’s range includes rolling papers, filters, filter tubes and many other sundry accessories. Here at Bull Brand, we stock one of the most complete ranges of Gizeh products (and we should be given we're the key UK importer), we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. But if you want to try something we'd suggest the Gizeh Super Fine Magnet Papers

Gizeh Super Fine Papers are a fine rolling paper that burns at a regular speed, they will continue to burn even when not being smoked. Gizeh cram 100 papers into each booklet with a reclosable magnet fastener keeping your papers in A1 condition from the first to the last. 

So along with the ever trusty range of Bull Brand products, if you're wanting to spice things up and try something new, you know that through Gizeh, Mascotte and Bull Brand, we've got everything covered for you. A lot of products can be bought singularly meaning that for you to try a product it doesn't mean you have to commit to boxes and boxes of products.