Where Can I Buy Alluvé Super Slim Cigarettes?

Where Can I Buy Alluvé Super Slim Cigarettes?

Alluvé Menthol cigarettes and Alluvé Lilac cigarettes (pronounced 'A-loo-vee') are a core line in the Bull Brand herd. A relatively recent addition, within the last year or so, they've really become a popular product. 

Alluvé Super Slim cigarettes are naturally available at Bull Brand online but can also be purchased at your local ASDA. 

What are Alluvé Super Slim Cigarettes?

Back in days gone by these super slim cigarettes used to be known as Allure, after this time the name had to be changed to Alluvé Cigarettes but you can call them Alluve Super Slim Cigarettes if you don't like using the 'accent'.

 Available in a menthol flavour (Green) or a traditional tobacco flavour (Lilac) these super slim cigarettes have proved popular for years in the retail market. Made in Germany by our close friends at the famous Von Eiken tobacco manufacturing company, these super slim cigarettes are of the highest quality.

The Super Slim cigarette was traditionally aimed at women who didn't want to smoke traditional straight cigarettes which contained more tobacco but were also seen as unstylish. These slimmer cigarettes provided a compact product that could be flavoured (with menthol) or unflavoured giving the user the power to choose which variant they smoked. Their popularity stuck with both men and women regularly purchasing these slim smokes and they have firmly cemented their place in the market place. 

How can I buy Alluvé Super Slim Cigarettes

As mentioned we've got you covered here at Bull Brand for Alluvé Super Slim Cigarettes, both in the menthol and unflavoured variants. Each pack contains twenty slim cigarettes and can be shipped right to your door from Bull Brand HQ. Where else are these available? Well, you can find Alluvé (Alluve) at your local ASDA or they can sometimes be found in independent corner shops in your area. However, if you don't want any hassle and just want them delivered straight to your door, then Bull Brand is the place to order from.