Gizeh King Size Duo Slim Pure Papers and Paper Tips

The Gizeh King Size Duo pack contains 34 Pure King Size Slim hemp papers and 34 ready to roll paper filter tips. The paper tips allow you to roll a smoke as fine or as fat as you like whilst also letting you smoke right up to the filter tip. 

This is a seriously handy product from Gizeh, it contains everything you need in one pack to roll king sized smokes. The paper dimensions are 44 x 107mm, providing plenty of rolling paper for you to create your smoke. Being an extra fine paper at 14 gsm it burns very slowly to the extent that it will extinguish when not being smoked. 

As with all Gizeh Pure products this is no exception; the watermarked papers are certified organic. The papers are made up from hemp fibres which is a sustainable resource, whilst the gum strip employs natural Arabic gum to help stick the paper together. Gizeh have even gone as far as to ensure the packaging is FSC certified.  



Burn Rate:
Paper Weight:
14.0 gsm
King Size Slim