Gizeh King Size Slim Rolling Papers and Paper Tips

Gizeh King Size Slim Rolling Papers and Paper Tips

Brand new from the world famous Gizeh, these King Size Super Slim papers have been paired with a booklet of paper tips. Not only is this product hugely convenient but it also gives you the flexibility to choose between short or longer filter tips. This is achieved by the simple addition of a perforation on the flat tips.

The pack contains 34 tips and 34 papers, the super fine papers are almost transparent at 12gsm, and the paper burns incredibly slowly and will go out when not being smoked. The lightweight paper allows complete enjoyment of the smoke without the interference of a paper taste. Natural Arabic gum lines one edge allowing you to stick the rolled paper together easily. The papers and tips are packed together in a slim booklet with a magnet to seal the pack and keep your papers and tips in A1 condition.



Burn Rate:
Paper Weight:
14.0 gsm
King Size Slim